In my 25+ year career I’ve worked across most areas of content production including events, expos, installations, video, photography, online and TV. 


I’ve worked on all kinds of projects in various roles ranging from Executive Producer, Director, Producer / Director, Photographer, Videographer and editor for multimedia, corporate videos, TVCs, events, on-line content, social media campaigns, design, and lifestyle TV. 

With that much experience I’ve developed some skills.  My strong points are:-

Executive skills
- Client lead
- Audience focused
- Build capability in others
- Lead with integrity and empathy
- Excellent budget management
- Proposal writing & pitching

Personal Strengths

- Fun and easy to work with

- Excellent communication and presentation skills

- Deadline driven hands-on doer

- Calm under extreme pressure

- Ability to juggle several projects & teams

Creative skills

- Strategic and creative thinker; extensive experience as a senior producer / director

- Translating a brief to visuals, with a strong sense of aesthetic & an eye for detail

- Design thinking approach to creative development

- Highly capable videographer & photographer with strong lighting skills

Technical skills

- Deep technical know-how of entire production process

- Expert knowledge of cinema / photographic equipment & processes

- Extensive inventory of cinema / photographic, lighting, sound & grip equipment

- Very experienced video editor & highly proficient with Adobe premier & Adobe CS

- Deep know-how of colour & strong colour grading skills

- Strong knowledge of 2D, 3D / CGI graphics & treatments with live action footage

- Highly capable with Microsoft Office software